The Phase Three final report dated March 2015 has been released. To download a copy go to the Reporting page.

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Phase 3 - Beneficial Management Practices

Phase Three of the study is called the Beneficial Management Practice (BMP) Scenario. This phase is focused on how changes in the way we use the landscape, including the implementation of Beneficial Management Practices, will affect the projections generated by the ALCES® model. Within a cumulative effect analysis, we ask the question of whether improvements in practices by all parties will sufficiently protect the source of the many ecological goods and services provided by this landscape to Albertans? Go to the Reporting page to view and download the reports.

Advisory Group Meetings

Meetings of the SFS Advisory Group were held on many occasions to review progress and provide direction. All were attended by people representing local government, landowner groups, watershed groups, and individuals. Based on recommendations from Dr. Stelfox they approved the updating of the study (SFS Phase 3) with the latest data and time progression maps, plus the increase of the study boundary to include the foothills from the USA border up to and including the upper Bow basin. Discussion in and out of the meetings was lively. The Draft SSRP document was a key discussion point of the last meeting. SALTS submitted a response to the Draft SSRP that was informed by the SFS discussions. You can review the work on land use planning and download a copy here.

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