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The Chief Mountain Study results have been completed. They were presented to the public at meetings in Pincher Creek, Cardston and Fort Macleod.

You may download copies of the presentation and report below.

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The Chief Mountain Study (CMS) is a grassroots study driven by the Chief Mountain Landowners, a multistakeholder, consensus-based working group that includes government, industry, First Nations, landowners, NGOs and Parks Canada. The study arose from local concern about land-use trends and their associated long-term impacts on landscape level indicators such as groundwater stocks, surface water quality, grizzly bear, and native grasslands.

The study area is located in the southwestern portion of Alberta including: Cardston County, the Municipal District of Pincher Creek, the Kainai and Piikani First Nation reserves and Waterton National Park. The area covers roughly 925,000 hectares (2.28 million acres) and is predominantly cultivated agriculture (43% of study area), native origin grasslands (30% of study area) and forests (18% of study area). Human footprint currently covers about 2% of the study area.

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Chief Mountain Study Slide Presentation   [pdf - 2 Mb]

Executive Summary   [pdf - 280 Kb]

Final Report   [pdf - 2.4 Mb]

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